Aren't Children's Christmas Pageants Cute?

December 5, 2015

Well, tomorrow we'll have some cuteness! Guaranteed!


Sheep are prone to wander - there will be sheep and other animals roaming all around. The pageant is designed to have toddlers play animals, costumes and all. And since toddlers wander, and we want toddlers to be who they are, we provide a safe place for them to wander. Our faith says angels can appear anywhere, and so toddlers dressed as angels can and will appear anywhere. The Gospel of Matthew says the magi followed a star, so our toddlers dressed as magi might be seen following the star. Oh, and if you didn't sign your kids up for the pageant, show up at 9:30 - 9:45 and there will be costumes.


Seriously, however, if you can remember that the Christmas story is only cute when it is romanticized - that is, remembered the way we want it to be instead of the way it was, it is very appropriate that the children are leading worship today.


God did not send Jesus to a royal family, or a rich one, or a comfortable one, or a married one. God sent Jesus to a betrothed family (planning on getting married) where the betrothal was somewhat in doubt considering the pregnancy and social opinion. But his parents Joseph (the man who raised Jesus as his own) and Mary were also faithful Jews. In the Gospel of Luke (which we are reading this season), the story of Jesus' birth begins in the Temple, with God (in the person of an angel) speaking to a faithful priest. Then the angel speaks to Mary, then the Holy Spirit to Elizabeth, then the angels to shepherds abiding (living) in the fields. In this story, God speaks to those whom the powerful disregard.


Tomorrow, we will not disregard our children and the message they bring. We will embrace it, and sing for joy.



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