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As Protestants, we believe WE should be singing our hymns rather than watching them being performed. Ok, we usually don't sing along with the choir and we do offer opportunities for special music either because we ask or the musician asks us. As our music is an integral part of our worship, it is chosen with care to help proclaim the Bible lessons.

Worship Hymns


Hymn singing has been a vital and distinctive component of the worship of God by the people called Methodist. From the very beginning of the Methodist Movement in England under John and Charles Wesley, we have been "s singing people" often accused (rightfully so) of singing our theology to familiar pub songs. Well, they were singable tunes.


Our hymnals serve as instruments by which the spiritual heritage received from the past is celebrated in the present and transmitted to future generations. But our hymnals are always being revised. New songs are added, hymns from our rich ethnic diversity are included, wording is changed when appropriate, and melody lines have been adopted to more singable ranges. 

Adult Choir



Special Music


Our children often are organized into a "choir" and provide special music, especially for holidays.


Groups of carolers often appear around Christmas. 


The men from the Snohomish area sing at up to fifteen churches on the Sunday after Easter. Call the church before Easter if you want to join them and practice.


Our pastor lets prospective musicians "borrow" her music instruments while they figure out if they really want to take lessons on the guitar/piano/drum/trumpet/etc. without having their parents pay big money for buying said instrument. Each prospect gets one year free rent.

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