Today we hear the call to live more and more for the ways of God in the world. Our lives must be like the seeds that let go of the stalk so that they might bear new life. Worship features Scripture, singing, prayer and message.

Our Lenten theme continues as we explore what it means for God's covenant to offer us salvation. We hear how God's saving grace is a gift offered to us and an invitation to transformation. Grace meets us where we are and is never content to leave us there, but leads us ever onward in God's way. Worship features Scriptures, prayers, music, testimony and message.

We continue our Lenten journey with a look at what difference it makes that God's covenant relationship is embodied in Jesus. We are invited to meditate on the radical, good news of God in the flesh; and how this shifts our understanding of our bodies, those of others and the whole of creation. Featuring Scripture, prayer, Holy Communion, message and singing.

We continue our Lenten journey listening for the names by which God calls us into faithful relationship. We cling to these names as a way of holding fast to faith in the hard days. Service features Scripture, prayer, music, and message.

We begin our Lenten journey with the Good News that we can return to God because God is already turned towards us. That's the hope of the promises God makes in inviting us into covenantal relationship. Worship features Scripture, song, testimony, message and prayer.

Join us for an Ash Wednesday service as we begin the Lenten season. We remember that we are God's own: From the dust of our creation to the dust of our deaths, and every moment in between. Service features prayer, confession, Scripture, singing and ritual.

Join us for Palm Sunday worship as we join the crowds in welcoming Jesus to Jerusalem. We come to tell our own stories of the difference Jesus makes in our lives. Worship features Scripture, song, prayer and message.

In this service we hear the Scriptures that tell of Jesus' betrayal and death. We reflect on the story in silence, prayer and song.

Join us as we celebrate this most Holy Day! We hear the Good News of Jesus' resurrection in Scripture, song and message. We share in the gift of Holy Communion together.

We celebrate on this second Sunday of Easter by joining with the Greater Northwest United Methodist Church connection. Features Scripture, prayers, singing and message from laity and clergy across the GNW connection.

We celebrate the third week of Easter with Scripture, prayer, song and message. We hear the invitation to linger in the Good News before we are sent out to bring it to others.

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