This Sunday we hear the reminder from Jesus to let the foundation of our actions always be love. Primary Scripture: John 13:31-35. Join us for Scripture, prayer, singing and message.

Join us in worship this Epiphany Sunday. We hear the story of the wise ones who followed a star to find Jesus, who were faithful in setting out and faithful in taking a different route home because of it. Join us for Communion, Scripture, prayer, singing and message.

We celebrate the first Sunday of Christmas with a service of lessons and carols.

Join us for some of our favorite Advent traditions: the children's pageant and choir cantata. Featuring Scripture, prayer, and special music.

Advent waiting invites us into joyful, justice-oriented waiting. Here this theme in worship and the reflections from Pastor Sunia Gibbs. Join us to worship, pray, hear Scripture and sing together.

This second Sunday of Advent, we reflect on love alive in these days. Featuring Scripture, music, prayer, message and Communion.

We begin the Advent season with a word that calls us to hopeful, engaged waiting. Our waiting is not idle, but prepares the way of for God's vision to be realized in our world.

Today's worship takes re-JOY-cing seriously! Join us for Holy Humor Sunday as we combine laughter, gratitude and glad hearts before God. Scripture: Psalm 126 Play Holy Humor Bingo while watching! Play online here:

Today we remember that God has given us many different gifts that we use for the benefit of the whole community. We give so that we might cooperate with God. Scripture: 1 Peter 4:7-11

Today we hear the call to never weary of doing good. Worship featuring Scripture, prayer, song and message. Primary Scripture: Galatians 6:1-10.

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