Today's worship explores a healing story that prompts us to ask ourselves: what might Christ heal in us? We welcome Rev. Jeremy Smith as our guest preacher today. This 35-minute service features singing, prayer, Scripture, message and a children's time which features familiar faces we haven't seen in a while. Primary Scripture: Mark 8:22-25

Today's service is full of the "both/and" of our faith: both God's grace and our challenge to follow as disciples. We have the joy of welcoming 3 newly bapitzed members into our community as part of worship. Join us as we celebrate, sing, pray and reflect in these next 50 minutes. Primary Scripture: Matthew 16:21-27

Today we finish our series on the Fruits of the Spirit with a look at "self-control." We are challenged to listen and respond to the Spirit, and not just react to what's immediately in front of us. Today's 45-minute service features Scripture, prayer, children's message, music and sermon.

Today we explore "gentleness" as a fruit of the Spirit. We welcome Pastor Kate Kilroy who shares in a dialogue sermon as we exchange experiences and thoughts on "gentleness." Features Scripture, prayer, music, and a children's message that will preach to us all! Primary Scripture: Mark 14:3-9

In today's worship we explore "faithfulness." We celebrate God's faithfulness towards us and consider our own faith in response. Featuring music, prayer, Scripture and message. Scripture: Acts 10

This week we explore "goodness" as a fruit of the Spirit. We'll hear stories from multiple members of our congregation as they reflect on "goodness." Featuring singing, Scripture, poetry, prayer and story.

40-minute worship experience where we explore KINDNESS! We hear about God's loving-kindness and how it has been reflected in our own lives. Featuring music, message, children's time and prayer. Scripture: Ruth 1-2.

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