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Join us for an Ash Wednesday service as we begin the Lenten season. We remember that we are God's own: From the dust of our creation to the dust of our deaths, and every moment in between. Service features prayer, confession, Scripture, singing and ritual.

Today we begin our “Anything but Ordinary” summer worship series. We’ll hear the extra-ordinary ways God worked in the lives of our faith ancestors. We remember God is still working in extra-ordinary ways in our own lives. We start with the story of Abraham and Sarah, and the unexpected news that they would have a child in their old age.

Jesus invites all who are weary to come to Him and find rest. We recover our lives and settle into our truest, God-created selves when we rest in God’s embrace. This week, our compassion theme turns inwards as we explore the lovingkindess which God offers to us. Come, and let God’s grace re-fill your cup this week.

Today we hear the Good News that we are never alone. We journey in life and faith together with the whole community of saints. As members of the faith community, we bless the diversity with which we are created, and honor the sacred connections which bind us in Christ’s love.

Today we hear the now familiar parable of the Good Samaritan. The story reminds us that what matters in loving God and neighbor is how we live it out. Compassion must move us to action. Such action is powerful to interrupt pain and bring forth healing.

This week we continue our theme of Compassion: How God’s Lovingkindess can Change the World. We look at how a posture of compassion and an attitude of awe are powerful to transform and unite communities. We dare to imagine what the Holy Spirit can do with a single act of compassion.

Today’s worship begins a series on Compassion: How lovingkindness can change the world. We also honor Peace with Justice Sunday. We explore how justice takes many forms, but is always borne from a place of courage and compassion.

Today we celebrate Pentecost Sunday, often considered the birthday of the Christian church. This is the day we hear how the Holy Spirit comes as our helper to share the Gospel mission and message. We are reminded that Christ's church is still laboring with God to bring forth the hope God has in store. We give thanks that we have the Holy Spirit to help us in the work.

Today we hear Jesus' parable of the wheat and weeds. The surprising news is that both are allowed to grow up together. This parable challenges an easy understanding of who/what is in and who/what is out. In this Easter season, we continue to trust that God can bring forth life from the most unexpected of places. 

This week we explore the theme of "joy in love." So often we focus on Jesus' commandment to love, and we can become overwhelmed by how daunting the call is--especially when we consider the standard Christ sets for us. Today we reflect on how the command comes with a promise of joy. Where might God's Love be leading you? And what joy might you find in following?

Today's worship explores the theme of 'fruitfulness.' As those who follow Jesus, we want to make sure that our faith impacts how we live; we want to make a positive difference! Today's service explores this theme of how our faith bears fruit. Join us for a time of singing, prayer, Scripture, message and Holy Communion.

Today we hear Jesus the Good Shepherd and consider what that means for us in our own lives as disciples. Worship features Scripture, prayer, song and message.

We celebrate the third week of Easter with Scripture, prayer, song and message. We hear the invitation to linger in the Good News before we are sent out to bring it to others.

We celebrate on this second Sunday of Easter by joining with the Greater Northwest United Methodist Church connection. Features Scripture, prayers, singing and message from laity and clergy across the GNW connection.

Join us as we celebrate this most Holy Day! We hear the Good News of Jesus' resurrection in Scripture, song and message. We share in the gift of Holy Communion together.

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