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"Lord, when were you hungry and we fed you?" 


People asked Jesus about feeding the hungry in Matthew 25: 35 -  37. United Methodists feed people. They do so unconditionally. You don't have to listen to us preach or read the Bible or "be saved" or promise anything. We just feed the hungry whenever we can, as well as we can, for the glory of God.

God's Garden

Celebrating its 20th season! Each year we till, plant, tend and harvest a garden on site. We average 500-800 pounds of produce each year that is donated to the local Snohomish Food Bank. We support the Food Bank throughout the year with special offerings and holiday donations. 

Community Kitchen

Every Monday and Thursday evening, Community Kitchen offers a free dinner at St. John's Episcopal Church. Local congregations and neighborhood groups host. Our congregation cooks, serves and fellowships together at the Community Kitchen on the fourth Monday of every month. 

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